"At our worst times and with this unpredictable weather S.H Goss, albeit busy with other customers as well, will always manage to cope with our requirements, however big or small. This is not just a credit to the onsite team, but the efficient office based staff as well."

Peter Lazell
- Thames Powert Ltd


Liz Wood, Tree Officer, Thurrock Council

I am very happy with SH Goss for all their site services especially the Pest control.

They have given a prompt, cost-effective and safe service on a busy site at times suitable for us.

Their quick advice and response have saved my Hawthorn and Box hedges on-site from being severely eaten by Brown Tail Moth and Box Hedge Caterpillar on several occasions now.

I have been very pleased with their services.

Gareth Winn, Senior Ranger, Lee Valley Regional Park Authority

In my capacity as a Senior Ranger I have been using S.H Goss and Co for nearly 15 years. Their knowledge of Non-Native species control is second to none and they have successfully controlled and stopped many non-native species from spreading across many of my nature reserves including sites of special scientific interest.

Their ethos has always been environmentally and conservation minded using the latest environmentally friendly products and other non chemical  means of control. They have always tried their best for me and I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending them.

Colin I’Anson, Duty Manager, North Weald Airfield

I have been using S.H Goss to keep our busy Aerodrome weed free for over 10 years now. The Aerodrome has high levels of movement most of the year and it is vitally important to keep the main runway and Taxi ways completely weed free. Parts of the site are listed and have to look their best all year round.

S.H Goss have always provided a thorough early morning safe weed spraying service to fit in with our operational runway and the results are always good and are there for all to see.

I would thoroughly recommend S.H Goss and the professional Grounds maintenance services they provide.

Environment Agency

S H Goss are on our ‘approved contractors’ framework list. I have used them for important vegetation clearance in ‘Main Rivers’ to reduce flood risk over the past 3 years. The work has been carried out safely in all weathers and often in challenging and hazardous conditions. They always offer good value and constantly seek out efficiency savings which reduce our overall costs.

Before commencing these works they produce health and safety risk management paperwork to cover their tasks. The completion paperwork from the office, including up to date photos have been excellent.

Whilst working on my sites their knowledgeable and conscientious team identified several non-native Invasive plant species. They dealt with these efficiently and competently which stopped them spreading into our river systems.

I have been satisfied and very impressed with all of the services they provide to us at the Environment Agency.

John Gross, StreetCare Group Manager, L.B. Havering

“The London Borough of Havering’s working partnership with S.H Goss dates back to the late 1980’swhen all councils were facing compulsory competitive tendering (CCT). Goss won the initial tender to maintain the public highway weedfree and in doing so paved the way for significant service improvements at a cost that enabled Havering to meet the challenges of CCT. From the very start we were instilled with a confidence to trust and work closely with our only external contractor, due to the openness and professional advice afforded to us. It was apparent in the early days that this was not a company to look for variations or clerical errors in order to boost their contract price. In actual fact their approach was to advise and work with us to provide a seamless service and deliver over and above the contract specification.

This working arrangement has continued almost unchanged for all that time and I continue to be both impressed and satisfied with their level of knowledge, expertise, commitment and openness. There has been an ethos of continual improvement through new methods of working and keeping abreast of industry and legislative changes. Some of the hidden benefits has been reduced carbon emissions and water usage which has assisted us with our bio-diversity programme. For several years we have carried out in depth annual Health & Safety contractor audits at their premises. Their office procedures and comprehensive approach to Health & Safety and support of the contract through timely and accurate information continues to exceed expectation.

I would recommend S.H.Goss to any organisation that wants a cost effective, safe and open contractor that instils confidence, reliability and a forward thinking approach that delivers so much more than just a successful cost effective contract.”

Peter Lazell, Buyer, Thames Power Limited

“Since my time with Barking Power Station I have had the privilege to have had one of the best site service contracts on site which S.H Goss have provided. I would certainly say that our site is very difficult to manage but this doesn’t seem to be a factor with the Goss team. Their work load is managed very well and they will always work extremely hard whilst on site to cover every area, attending to every detail. The team are always pleasant and work well under quite tough conditions.

At our worst times and with this the unpredictable weather S.H Goss, albeit busy with other customers as well, will always manage to cope with our requirements, however big or small. This is not just a credit to the on site team, but the efficient office based staff as well.”

Guy Rose, Market Superintendent, Shepherd’s Bush Market

“I would certainly happily recommend your company for the excellent and fast way you dealt with our recent cold weather problems…the market may have had to be closed without your prompt attention, so well done and thanks”

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