Winter Maintenance

Britain’s winters are getting colder, having experienced the coldest temperatures on record for almost 100 years, in recent years. Having a robust Winter Maintenance Plan in place for your sites will ensure your staff and visitors are able to safely attend your site, whilst keeping operational with deliveries to/from site. Our winter maintenance service covers all eventualities, from reactive call out service 24/7 to planned preventative gritting and snow removal. Our services are available for any size site from a single car parking space throught to entire business parks.

Winter Maintenance at a glance

  • Weather Monitoring
  • Gritting
  • Snow Removal
  • Salt Provision

Gritting Services

We utilise the most innovative and accurate weather forecasting service available for highway operations. Utilising your site postcodes, we are able to provide site specific forecasts. These are generated using data from the forecast models which is calibrated by observations from the network of roadside weather stations owned by local authorities and the highways agency

  • Enhanced accuracy – the Road Surface Temperature model we use is ‘intelligent’ i.e. it uses archived observations from the road weather stations in order to ‘learn’ the meteorological characteristics of a certain geographical area and produce forecasts accordingly
  • Enables objective verification of forecast accuracy

Through our accurate forecasting, we are able to carry out preventative gritting, when it is is required and at the most effective time, due to our hour by hour forecasting.

Pay as you go, Contract or Reactive Services

We are able to offer a flexible service, to suit any budget: On our “Pay As you Go” service, we will carry out a site survey and agree with you the areas to be gritted and the call off charge. We will agree with you an agreed Road Surface “Trigger Temperature”, at which, if reached along with the risk of ice, we will contact you with an “Ice Alert”. We will automatically grit your site, unless you cancel the service before an agreed cut off period. We will then bill you on a monthly basis, for any visits carried out during the month. Our “Contract” service provides total piece of mind with minimal management by you. Once the gritting area has been agreed, we will provide a fixed monthly cost for the gritting over the winter season. We will monitor the weather for your site and carry out gritting operations whenever the Road Surface Temperature drops to 1 degree Celsius or below, and there is a risk of Ice forming. Your cost will remain fixed, regardless of how many times we attend your site to grit. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can also accommodate “reactive” call off requests.

Snow Clearance

Our snow clearance equipment ranges from snow shovels through to large agricultural tractors and Land Rovers fitted with Snow Ploughs, to ensure that any sized site will be kept clear. We keep our depots across the UK stocked with grit and invest in the machinery to help us get it to the place it’s needed.

Salt Provision

We are able to supply high quality white marine de-icing salt, certified to BS3247, in 25kg bags. The high quality de-icer leaves no messy residue when trodden into vehicles or buildings, unlike standard brown grit. We are able to supply in individual bags, half pallet or pallet load.


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