Asset Care

At S.H Goss we believe that proper asset care is critical to all businesses. Asset care minimises costs, ensures time effective use of work, maintains correct standards of health and safety and regulatory requirements.

Asset Care at a glance

  • Asset locating, tagging (NFC Tags) and tracking
  • Periodic Inspection/Auditing
  • Asset Inventory Reconciliation
  • Data Management

Asset Care

Our approach is pro-active as our in-depth reports enable us to generate a recommended course of action before any issues are allowed to escalate. Our Planned Preventative Maintenance system also allows us to establish programmes and inspections that ensure all equipment and sites are regularly visited and updated with the appropriate information. Understanding exactly where your assets are can be quite a problem for large businesses, with thousands of sites spread across a large geographic region. We are able to quickly and easily asset tag your sites, building floors, rooms or even individual pieces of equipment. Our asset tags utilise NFC (Near Field Communication) technology, which provide a unique ‘barcode’ for each tag, storing your required asset information.

During our site inspections, we can simply scan the asset tag utilizing our smartphone app, which will enable able us to carry out the required inspection for that asset. This data is captured ‘live’ and relayed back to head office in real time. This provides quick, simple and paperless auditing of the asset, detailing what inspections/services etc have been carried out.

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