Ecology Services

SHGoss has been offering professional Ecological advice and training including basic and extended Habitat surveys across the UK and Europe often to meet tight client deadlines for many years. These clients include private companies, major utilities companies and local authorities. The protection of the natural world is paramount in our approach to all Ecology services.

Ecology Services at a glance

  • Ecology Advice and Training
  • Habitat Surveys
  • Protected Species Surveys
  • Management Plans
  • Protected Species Mitigation
  • GIS Mapping
  • Ecological Clerk of Works
  • Japanese Knotweed Clerk of Works
  • Ecological Impact Assessments
  • Biodiversity conservation and enhancement

Ecology Services

We have a broad range of expertise available with a wealth of knowledge in Environmental Management, so we are able to meet your sites individual needs. Our team are passionate about enhancing and improving the local environment. We provide our clients with the necessary recommendations and peace of mind that their projects can be undertaken in a legally compliant manner. Additionally, we provide our clients with advice and recommendations for new Biodiversity projects.




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