Pest and Disease Control

Pest & Disease Control S.H Goss have been treating Pests and Diseases in the UK for over 45 years. Our experience in this field enables us to provide a trustworthy service with rapid and reliable treatments. Early identification is essential, as is application timing and the correct selection of control measures.

Pest & Disease Control at a glance

  • Pest and Disease identification
  • Pest and Disease control programmes
  • Pesticide and non-Pesticide controls
  • Specialist Invasive Species Pest control

Pest and Disease Identification

S.H Goss can identify common and not so common Pests and Diseases in a variety of locations. From private prized residential lawns to award winning golf course Tees and Greens. Once a Pest or Disease is correctly identified, treatment programmes can be recommended and implemented by our experienced trained staff. If you are unsure which Pest or Disease you are dealing with we can offer, clear and concise advice.

Pest and Disease Control Programmes

Once identified, a programme of works or a management plan can be implemented. The treatment may include traditional pesticide treatments, environmentally friendly non-pesticide treatments or physical control methods. The treatment programme will suit your situation, be it busy commercial or vacant property, park land, veteran trees or a prize residential lawn and rose bed.

Pesticide and Non-pesticide Control Methods

The treatments that we recommend may include the latest formulation pesticide treatments, environmentally friendly non pesticide treatments or physical control methods. We always take care to use the most appropriate control method for your pest or disease, taking into consideration your local environment. Many of the products we can provide are considered non-toxic products, derived from nature that contain effective curative, protective and eradicant properties and compounds. S.H Goss can help control and eradicate pests and diseases with a little help from nature.
Proven Nematode treatments can be employed on fine turfs of all shapes and sizes. Spring, Summer and Autumn feeding programmes can be used effectively, to prevent diseases taking hold in the first instance. The first defence against diseases is often a healthy grass sward. We can also discuss your current cultural practices, to give you advice on what you and your Grounds Maintenance teams could be doing to help improve your situation.


Specialist Invasive Species Pest Control

S.H Goss can provide an effective control of Non-native species pest species across the UK in any situation. Oak Processionary Moth caterpillars and Brown Tail Moth caterpillars produce tens of thousands of hairs that are an irritant and can cause severe irritation the skin and respiratory track. The caterpillars of both species can seriously damage Trees and shrubs and leave them prone and vulnerable to other diseases. Our specialist, highly trained team uses the latest equipment and specialist pesticides that work only on the target species of Brown Tail Moth and Oak Processionary caterpillars, leaving all other beneficial insects unharmed.


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