Ground Care

We operate nationally and can provide each service individually or manage a whole site, or network of sites, carrying out all necessary works. We take an innovative approach to problem solving and will find solutions to even the most unusual issues. As you’ll see from the examples of our work (link to case studies) we’ve got vast experience spanning a range of locations and sites from a parish church to a national network of utility sites.

Land Based Services at a glance

  • Weed identification
  • Total weed control
  • Annual maintenance
  • Invasive weed control

Water Based Services at a glance

  • Site survey and recommendation
  • Weed species identification
  • Permit application
  • Mechanical removal
  • Chemical treatment
  • Biological control
  • Vegetation disposal

Fine Turf Services at a glance

  • Weed, disease and insect identification
  • Selective weed control
  • Moss/algae treatment
  • Fungicide treatment
  • Insect/worm control
  • Fertiliser application
  • Turf Colorant Application
  • Growth Regulators – Regulating the growth rate of grass so it requires cutting less frequently

General Grounds Maintenance Services at a glance

  • Grass Cutting
  • Hedge Cutting
  • Shrub and Flower bed Maintenance
  • Litter Picking
  • Graffiti Removal
  • Fly tip removal
  • Vegetation Clearance
  • Hard surface Pressure Cleaning

Weed Control (Land)

Sites that become infested with weeds can quickly suffer from knock on effects like blocked drains and corrosion. We have extensive experience of dealing with all types of weeds including invasive species like Japanese Knotweed and Giant Hogweed.

The Goss team will use the most effective and technically advanced integrated methods to control weeds. If herbicide application is required, we are able to utilised an array of application techniques, carried out by qualified personnel, to ensure that the application is as safe, precise, efficient and effective as possible. We also believe in working in partnership with other personnel on site so that they are aware of any potential dangers and how they can help ensure the treatment is effective.

We have experience of working in many sensitive environments including SSSI’s, Special Areas of Conservation and Nature Reserves. We also have extensive experience in working at Safety Critical sites including power stations, fuel storage sites, gas holders, electrical sub stations, M.O.D property and airfields.

Weed Control (Water)

Unchecked weed growth is not only unattractive to look at but can restrict water flow, foul propellers, affect recreational activity, diminish fish stocks and reduce income. Non-native weeds can also have a harmful effect on native plants and fish. Removal and management of aquatic weeds is an extremely specialist skill, tackling it in the wrong way can exacerbate the problem.

Our aquatic weed control specialists work with clients to identify, control and eliminate weeds in rivers, lakes, canals and reservoirs using recognised industry best practice. They will also liaise with government agencies to obtain necessary permits.

Fine Turf

Golf courses, playing fields and other grassed recreational areas all require to be kept free of weeds. Not only do they look unsightly but compete with the grass for moisture, nutrients and create an increase in mowing frequency. Goss has a wide range of herbicides specially selected for the control of a broad spectrum of persistent perennial weeds.

In addition, the company also offer a wide range of additional turf treatments. Because the results achieved from chemical treatments depend greatly on the skill of the operator and accuracy of the equipment. All Goss spray operators are fully trained and hold up to date N.P.T.C spraying certificates and operate state of the art application machinery. Applying sprays to wide open spaces such as golf course fairways, sports pitches and school playing fields, the company use specially adapted Range Rovers equipped with 900 litre spray tanks, 12 metre folding booms, low drift nozzles and where necessary low pressure tyres. In-cab GPS equipment is also fitted for ease of site location.

For spraying smaller areas and applications to rough or remote areas terrain, a fleet of specially equipped mini-tractors are used. And for spraying greens, banks, shrubbery beds, fence lines and tree plantings, knapsacks are the preferred choice. Goss weed control specialists will, if required, carry out treatments to non-turf areas. In addition to the application of sprays, Goss is able to advise on, recommend and supply a wide range of proven turf care products.

General Grounds Maintenance

Whether you need a one off tidy-up or regular planned maintenance, we can carry out a wide range of services to either a single site, or network of sites. Utilisiing local, experienced staff we can ensure that we can provide a high quality and consistent service across the UK, at competitive prices. We are experienced in providing Grounds Maintenance Services across a broad spectrum sites, from large Blue Chip Head Offices to remote Gas installations. We will carry out a free site survey in order to generate a no obligation quotation, suited to your exact requirements.



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